Does this look crooked to anyone else?! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 139

Sailing Videos
The neck is all good but that seriously looks a bit wonky doesn’t it ?. I’m sure its fine. We’re over the moon with the good news. Join us for propeller dramas, an interview with 3 ladies who spent 60 days rowing across the Atlantic and some adventures under the Caribbean sunshine. Its great to be back in a place we can have a go at some fish. Riley is pretty excited to go spearfishing again. Cheers, Elayna.

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Song Credits:
00:00 See You Again – Vilar –
00:33 Cloud 9 – Chiara La Woo –
02:03 Sam Carmody – In the Stillness is the Dancing –
04:35 Legendary Love – Jordan Prince –
05:25 Lasses and Ladies – Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets –
08:57 Hollow Coves – The Woods –
13:31 Diving – Adam Yoo –
14:58 Mimi Gilbert – Give All –
15:48 Brother – Jack the Fox –

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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